ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening

ViziLite is an advanced oral screening tool used to identify abnormal cells along the mucous membranes inside the mouth and throat. The test takes approximately 2 minutes to administer, during which time a [city] dentist will administer a special rinse to the mouth that causes the nuclei of abnormal pre-cancerous or cancerous cells appear to […]

The Wand® Handpiece

The Wand Handpiece is an advanced dental technology aimed at making dental injections comfortable and less intimidating than traditional needles. The Wand is a lightweight pen-like instrument that delivers computer-controlled injections to patients. With The Wand, there is little room for human error, which minimizes discomfort when local anesthetic is applied beneath the gums. The […]

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, nearly 100 percent of Americans believe that a beautiful smile is an important social asset. Your smile is the first impression that others have of you, so why hide it? Cosmetic tooth whitening from Zoom makes it possible for you to whiten your teeth to a beautiful, […]