Bridges & Implants

Bridges vs. Implants: Which One Is Right for You? There are many options for replacing missing teeth. When you don’t want the hassle of a removable prosthetic, such as a denture or partial, you are left with two fixed restoration solutions: bridges and implants. Both offer different benefits and indications, and there may be several […]

Full Fixed Prosthetics Implant

Losing one or more teeth can be devastating to one’s self-confidence and ability to talk or chew. Tooth decay, gum disease, and physical traumas are just a few of the reasons patients require tooth replacement. In the past, the only options were removable prosthetics or fixed devices bonded to other abutment teeth. But now, dental […]

Implant Retained Dentures

For decades, dentures have been the go-to solution for missing tooth replacement. These dental prosthetics are carefully crafted for a shape and appearance that is unique to each patient. As technology has improved, dentures have been made to look more natural than ever – often undetectable to other people. But despite their versatility and effectiveness, […]