Anesthesia is a means of pain and anxiety management used in a broad range of health procedures, including dentistry. Dental anesthesia in [city] encompasses a spectrum of treatments, each of which offers different benefits to the patient. There are several types of anesthesia, including: Local anesthetics – Small injections designed to numb the nerves in […]

Air Abrasion Dentistry

Dentists are constantly on the lookout for minimally invasive treatments and procedures that are more effective than traditional applications and also provide greater benefits to patients. Air abrasion is one such technology that is used in place of a traditional drill. With air abrasion in [city] a compressed stream of aluminum oxide particles are used […]

VELscope Vx

The VELscope VX is a groundbreaking technology that is changing the way [city] dentists screen for oral cancer. This cordless device is used to painlessly and quickly examine the soft tissues of the mouth for signs of abnormal, pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. Dentists wear special eyewear and shine the VELscope VX blue light onto the […]