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Correct Overlapping Teeth with Invisalign

It is important to realize that most people do not have overlapping teeth because of something they did wrong. There are numerous reasons why people might have overlapping teeth. Some people are born missing a few teeth, leading to teeth coming in crooked or incorrectly. For other people, their jaws might be too large or […]

Prevent Problems with Top Notch Oral Hygiene Practices

The Importance of Oral Hygiene Starts Young Dentists have known there was a connection between oral health and overall health. Research is beginning to actively support this connection. Dr. Howard Goldberg understands his role in helping to maintain a balance between oral health and the well-being of his patients. It is recommended that children first […]

The Rate of Occurrence of Periodontal Disease – Specifically How Common it is

There are many afflictions of the teeth and gums that can affect a person’s life. Periodontal disease is basically the result of inflammation and infections of the gums as well as the bones that surround the teeth. In its early stages, it is referred to as gingivitis. For those who have gingivitis, the gums may become […]

Dental Implants and the Variety of Things They can Help Accomplish

Dr. Howard Goldberg uses dental implants to help his patients from in and around Boynton, Florida with a variety of dental and oral health issues. Dental implants are versatile, resolving cosmetic and restorative needs. Dr. Goldberg offers traditional titanium single dental implants as well as All-on-Four implants. What are dental implants? Implants are used to […]

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