Correct Overlapping Teeth with Invisalign

It is important to realize that most people do not have overlapping teeth because of something they did wrong. There are numerous reasons why people might have overlapping teeth. Some people are born missing a few teeth, leading to teeth coming in crooked or incorrectly. For other people, their jaws might be too large or small, causing teeth to wind up misplaced. Other people have issues with their mouth muscles which can cause teeth to change position over time. Regardless of the reason, everyone should correct overlapping teeth because this can cause several problems.

Crooked Teeth Are A Challenge to Clean

When teeth are crooked, certain large surfaces of teeth are covered up by their neighbors. This makes the teeth inaccessible to toothbrushes and an extreme challenge to floss properly. Without proper dental hygiene, food and plaque will build up over time due to an inability to access the covered surfaces. This can lead to tooth decay, root damage, and gingivitis. If these problems persist, they can lead to major medical problems so it is important that overlapping teeth are corrected to prevent these problems from developing.

Overlapping Teeth Can Effect Self-esteem

Every time someone eats, speaks, or smiles, their teeth are in plain sight. Those with straight, white teeth can show off their smile without thinking twice while those with crooked teeth are more inclined to be reserved. While people do not intentionally react negatively, people will notice if others are taking note of their overlapping teeth. This can lead to major confidence problems and have a severe impact on their life so correcting overlapping teeth can be a major lifestyle boost.

An Alternative To Braces

For people looking to correct overlapping teeth, many patients first think of braces. While these will get the job done, there is an easier way to correct overlapping teeth called Invisalign. They are clear plastic trays which sit on top of the teeth and gradually straighten the smile. Since the trays are clear, people can be subtle about their treatment. The trays are removed while eating which makes chewing a pain-free experience. People do not have to worry about cavities developing under brackets or wires because Invisalign does not come with any additional equipment. This is a fantastic new treatment to correct overlapping teeth in a pain-free way.

For those with overlapping teeth in Boynton Beach, FL looking to correct their smile, contact Howard Goldberg, DDS. Dr. Howard Goldberg knows that having crowded teeth can pose major health and lifestyle issues. He stays up-to-date on the latest treatments in the field and cares for every patient with the empathy and compassion they deserve. For anyone looking for a Boynton Beach dentist, contact Dr. Goldberg today to schedule an appointment.