MTM Clear Aligner

The MTM Clear Aligner is an innovative way of straightening teeth that are slightly out of alignment. The MTM Clear Aligner applies gentle pressure to the teeth to facilitate movement over time. Every MTM Clear Aligner system is customized to the patient, who will wear the aligners on a daily basis for a period of […]

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is a branch of dentistry pertaining to dysfunctions and disorders of the temporomandibular joint and supporting tissues. It is typically used to treat TMJ disorders in ways that address underlying problems rather than symptoms. By treating TMJ disorders at the source, neuromuscular dentistry can indirectly provide relief for problems like jaw popping, tinnitus, […]


Opalescence is a prescription strength tooth whitening system used by dentists all over the country. Patients prefer Opalescence because it delivers superior results in a way that accommodates most lifestyles. Currently, patients can purchase Opalescence in one of three ways. They include an in-office treatment, an at home treatment, and a disposable treatment for people […]