Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Zoom! teeth whitening or bleaching is a cosmetic procedure performed in a Boynton Beach, FL dentist office. A gel composed of hydrogen peroxide is applied first to your teeth, followed by UV light from an overhead lamp which breaks down all the activated gel. This permits oxygen to enter into the dentin and enamel of your teeth, leaving your teeth structure intact, while at the same time bleaching the colored area. Each Zoom! teeth whitening treatment lasts about an hour, and some patients have experienced up to 8 shades of improvement.

Who needs teeth whitening?

People who have experienced tooth discoloration from drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and cola are happy to discover that there is a painless way to brighten their teeth. Smokers and older people frequently have darkened and stained teeth. They can also be helped to obtain a cleaner, brighter smile using the in-office Zoom! teeth whitening procedure.

Zoom! teeth whitening consultation plus treatment plan

When people visit Dr. Howard Goldberg to discuss whether the Zoom! procedure is right for them, he will first do a comprehensive exam of both their teeth and gums, and he will discuss with them any lifestyle habits and oral hygiene to determine if Zoom! teeth whitening will be of benefit to them. At this consultation, the patient and Dr. Goldberg will decide on the best technique or whitening product for them. It’s also possible that the Boynton Beach dentist might suggest undergoing teeth whitening if they are considering cosmetic dental procedures like composite bonding or veneers so that there will be a better match of their natural colored teeth with the planned restoration. Whitening can also be beneficial after removing braces. The dentist will also note if the patient has pre-existing dental work like veneers and crowns, that might not respond to the Zoom! whitening process.

The whitening procedure

Before Zoom! teeth whitening, a regular teeth cleaning should be done. The Zoom! process starts with a covering placed over gums and lips, which will leave only the teeth exposed. Dr. Goldberg or his dental assistant will then apply a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the patient’s teeth. They will then be placed under an ultraviolet light that will penetrate into their teeth and break up all discoloration and stains. This gel will be kept on for approximately 15 minutes during which the UV light is activated. While the light is on, patients may relax or listen to music. The total treatment time of 45 minutes includes 3 fifteen-minute sessions of the applied gel being exposed to light activation.

People living in the Boynton Beach, FL area who are interested in the benefits of Zoom! teeth whitening should contact a Boynton Beach dentist for more information. Dr. Howard Goldberg and his experienced staff will assist them with any questions they might have about any type of cosmetic dentistry. Howard Goldberg, DDS and his team are dedicated to promoting oral health and bright, happy smiles in Boynton Beach. Contact Dr. Goldberg for an appointment or a consultation.

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